After studying photography and drawing in an art school, David Nissen changed his mind to be involved in the film business where he is working as a director of photography on feature film and advertising, not and never forgetting photography…

French photographer David Nissen takes us on a ride in his work, an atmospheric journey through fog, rain and fading light.  Explaining that he likes to be in a contemplative state, he says "I like to walk, to drive, and to listen to music, which inspires me very much. I'm looking for strong and interesting light, and an atmosphere that can tell a story, that can be an invitation to travel through the picture." With a background in filmmaking, it makes sense that he approaches photography like a director searching for the perfect location…the result is broody and beautiful, as well as cinematic.

His filming in France and abroad are opportunities to exercise his photographer’s eye, to realise series of personal, intimate photos during  solitary wanderings in locations that each have their own story to tell or to invent. The rare human beings that appear take on the aspect of film characters whose enigmatic thoughts we would love to know. David is looking after strong light atmosphere which can tell a story, as a director who is looking for locations to tell the story the best way...His approach of photography is deliberately pictorial and emotional.

For him, cinematography and photography are two passions that merge and feed off one another ... to write a story with the light, a return to the roots of photography.